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Livestock breeders

Livestock farms are highly attractive to bears and wolves, particularly if they are situated at the forest edge and pastures are over-grown or offer other cover for predators. Above all sheep cannot defend themselves from bears and so it is the role of the shepherd or farmer to protect them sufficiently. This function can be filled by well raised livestock guarding dogs. However, if they are tethered on chains, they cannot actively protect their flock. In order for them not to stray from the sheep when they are left untied, pups must be raised together with the flock from 6–8 weeks of age. Suitable breeds are the Slovenský čuvač, Caucasian, Podhalanský and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs and others similar.

Good quality, properly installed electric fences also restrict the access of bears and wolves. It is very important to dispose of any livestock carcasses properly. If they are left in fields or hidden in bushes, they are a strong attractant for carnivores. Do not bury them, because a bear can smell them and dig them up. More ...