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Many people think that their dog will save them from a bear. But not all dogs are alike: their reactions to bears differ, as do those of bears to dogs. Large shepherd dogs such as the Slovenský čuvač, Caucasian, Podhalanský and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs were originally used to guard livestcok from predators, including bears and wolves. Laikas or Karelian bear dogs are used in their land of origin to hunt bears. In North America they have been used very successfully to chase off bears in order to solve conflict situations without the need to kill bears. Of course not every pet dog will behave the same way as such specially trained or bred dogs.

Dogs have a much better sense of smell than us, so they can warn us of a bear's presence. However, it should be noted that a dog can also provoke a bear to attack. If it runs off into the forest and encounters a bear there, in seeking protection it might lead it directly to its owner. Dogs off the lead and not under control can also disturb or chase other animals. Untrained dogs should therefore be on a lead during forest walks. This is required in some protected areas.

If you have dog food with you, for example if you are camping, store it in the same way as you do other food.