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Myths and reality

We hear about bears from a variety of sources: fairy tales, newspapers, television, hunters, shepherds, hikers and weekenders. However, a lot of information spreads without people checking the truth of it. Which of the following common beliefs are really true and which are just myths?

1. "After winter bears are hungry and so are agitated and more dangerous for people.."

2. "When a bear stands on its hind legs itís getting ready to attack."

3. "If a bear is coming towards me, itís good to run downhill, because bears canít run so well downhill."

4. "A female with young may attack a person."

5. "If I see a bear near a hotel or cottage, itís hungry and I can help him if I give him something to eat."

6. "Itís good to talk or sing in the forest, so that bears know about us in advance."

7. "If I have a dog with me it can protect me from bears."

8. "Bear cubs are cute and harmless, I can photograph them or watch them undisturbed."

9. "When several bears gather together in one place, itís proof that there are too many bears in the area."

10. "If a bear attacks and you donít have any chance to escape, you should quickly lie on the ground and play dead."