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Have fun with bears

Quiz - Are you an expert on bears?

11. What is the main component of the brown bear's diet?
small mammals
fruit and plants
8. Which kind of bear is the biggest?
black bear
9. Which of a bear's senses is the best?
10. How many years can a bear live to in the wild?
20 - 30
30 - 40
40 - 50
12. How many bears are there thought to be in Slovakia?
1200 - 1400
600 - 800
200 - 400
3. Which part of bears has been used in traditional medicine?
gall bladder
4. What does it mean when a bear stands on its hind legs?
it wants to attack
it wants to scare us
it is looking around and sniffing
7. In which regions of Slovakia do bears not occur?
6. How should you behave if you meet a bear at a short distance?
throw stones at it
run downhill
quietly and slowly retreat
2. What species of bear lives in Slovakia?
black bear
brown bear
spectacled bear
1. What type of fish do grizzlies and Kodiak bears catch a lot of?
20. What is a great threat to bears in Slovakia?
destruction of the places where they live
not enough animals for them to eat
14. What weight do adult male bears reach in Slovakia?
140 - 320 kg
320 - 500 kg
100 - 200 kg
15. When and why do bears become habituated to people?
if they like people
if they attack people
if they get used to people
19. How often do female bears have young?
once a year
every 4 years
every 2-3 years
18. In which period are bear cubs born?
March - April
January - February
September - October
17. What should you do if a bear attacks?
lie down, don't move
shout and wave your arms
run away fast
13. Why do bears sleep in winter?
they're tired
it's cold outside
there isn't enough food
16. What is hibernation?
losing weight in winter
winter rest
winter tiredness
5. What should you do to avoid meeting a bear in dense forest?
play music