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Bear-proof bin

This is a prototype bin, designed according to a Canadian model, for the safe storage of refuse to stop bears getting to it. The size and design can be modified according to the needs of hotels or other areas where it will be used.

Refuse containers can be removed and installed using the large front doors, while refuse is thrown into the bin using the top doors, which close on release.

When in use, it is very important that all doors are closed properly and that refuse is regularly taken away and is not allowed to accumulate around the bin.

The bin is designed so that it can be fixed into the ground, which is important to stop bears from turning it over. It is also possible to join several bins together.

SWS had this bin made as part of The BEARS Project, sponsored by Alertis - fund for bear and nature protection, within which we are trying to solved bear-human conflicts as well as to educate the public. Our aim is to support the use of such secure containers in all areas in order to avoid problems with bears.


We have improved our bear-proof bin design
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