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Photograph: Katarina Mikuskova.

Wild beast or cuddly toy? Threatened, or threatening us? The thought of bears may often scare us, but how much do we actually know about Europe's largest land-based carnivore? The aims of The BEARS Project are to increase understanding of bears and to improve coexistence for people and bears in Slovakia. More ...

05-2013: Bear in Mind conference in Holland
04-2013: Great start to our 15th bear watching season
03-2013: Successful testing of bear-proof bin
10-2012: Bear-proof bin in Sásovská Valley, BB
10-2012: SWS donates bear spray to the Tatras
09-2012: Tracking weekend with "Cybertracker"
08-2012: Bear occurrence in the Small Carpathians
06-2012: Expert seminar under auspices of Ministry
06-2012: Monitoring bears in Malá Fatre NP
05-2012: International Day for Biological Diversity
11-2011: Talk: "Reducing Conflicts with Bears"
10-2011: Two more expert workshops organised
08-2011: Slovak bin in Yellowstone National Park!
07-2011: First HD workshop on bear issues a success
06-2011: Monitoring bears in Malá Fatra NP
03-2011: Bears now active in several mountain ranges
02-2011: Important changes in management announced
01-2011: "White Wilderness" wolf and lynx tracking
09-2010: "Bears and beers" in Horný Smokovec!
08-2010: 3rd year of the Tatra bears festival
07-2010: Expanded library of scientific publications
06-2010: Monitoring bears in Malá Fatra NP
03-2010: New exhibition opens in Prievidza
03-2010: Reintroductions study tour June 2010
02-2010: We are featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine
01-2010: White Dog Fund: sharing responsibility
11-2009: Exciting volunteer opportunities for 2010
08-2009: Volunteer opportunity, "Bear Days" event
07-2009: Bear encounter: from conference to reality!
06-2009: Ecovolunteer opportunities this summer
04-2009: 2009 competition results announced
02-2009: 2009 art and literature competition launched
11-2008: Event "Among the Bears and Wolves"
10-2008: Anti-predator electric fencing
08-2008: Bear spray now available in Slovakia
08-2008: "Bear Days" in the Tatras, 30th-31st August
06-2008: 2008 competition results announced
06-2008: True tale: "Every meeting is different"
05-2008: Competition: "Sheep Whole and Wolf Full!"
04-2008: Bear and wolf watching offer
04-2008: Installation of first bear-proof bin complete
04-2008: "Meeting the Bear" during "Forest Days"
03-2008: New section on research methods
02-2008: Large carnivores seminar in Bratislava
02-2008: Teaching materials available to download
02-2008: True tales: "Banquet at the bear's place"
02-2008: Continuing to secure refuse in 2008
12-2007: Fencing off refuse containers in Harmanec
11-2007: Financial support for securing refuse
11-2007: Offer for university students
11-2007: Mapping large carnivores in Poľana
11-2007: Refuse and bears in Demänovská Valley
10-2007: How to avoid problems with bears
10-2007: New section on encounters and attacks
10-2007: Results presented at expert conference
10-2007: We have improved our bear-proof bin design
09-2007: "Meeting the Bear" in Rajecká Lesná
08-2007: Summer camp "In the Land of the Bear"
07-2007: Bear spray used successfully in Slovakia
07-2007: Gallery - bears in Slovakia, summer 2007
06-2007: Census of bears in Malá Fatra NP
06-2007: "Meeting the Bear" at Carpathian Festival
06-2007: 2007 competition results
05-2007: Bear-proof bin tested successfully
04-2007: Willow "bear den" for kindergarten kids
03-2007: First non-invasive genetic study in Slovakia
03-2007: Lastest seminar "In the Tracks of Predators"
03-2007: First radio-telemetry results from Slovakia
03-2007: Video clips from Slovakia and Alaska
02-2007: New photographs from Alaska, summer 2006
01-2007: Photographs from Slovakia and Finland
01-2007: Article on hibernation in bears
01-2007: 2007 art and literature competition launched
10-2006: Travelling photo exhibition on the road again
10-2006: Publication on problem bears
10-2006: Bears in the vicinity of Liptovský Hrádok
07-2006: Summer camp 2006 "In the Land of Bears"
05-2006: Photo-gallery opened
04-2006: Slovak version of safety film completed


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